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Stephanie's Chapter: From Food Stamps and Foster Care to Financial Freedom

I have been called the credit lady, the money lady and the game lady, but that is not how I started out. Like many children, I was never given any real education about money. I grew up in a broken home, and food stamps and foster care did little to tach me anything about money, credit and business.

I has been immersed for over 2 decades with supporting business owners and investors with financial & credit issues, including real estate law, bankruptcy law, corporate law and credit law as a paralegal. Continuously obtaining more financial education and gather more tools to be able to support as many business owners & investors in moving toward their BIG Purpose.

Extraordinary Visions Inc. has one simple mission that is to provide solutions to business owners and investors. Specializing in services and solutions including personal & business credit and business funding! We are efficient, well experienced with a combined 30 years of business and credit knowledge and we truly look forward to having the opportunity to supporting you with your BIG Purpose!

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Client Reviews

David Bell

The team was very professional and personable. It made the whole experience feel like dealing with friends. My is less experienced with dealing with business funding and they were patient with her questions and gave answers she that made her feel comfortable.

jaclyn kelly

Amazing! Everyone was so friendly and they helped me get the funding I needed and then some! My business wouldn’t be possible without their help! I highly recommend.

Kimberlee :D

Helped a lot! I didn't think I would qualify but I did. The 9% fee can be a lot but we used one of the cards they got me. It all works out. I am excited to see what their software can offer.

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